Sunday, January 19, 2014

Night Film by Marisha Pessl: Read This If

What a trip! I just finished Night Film by Marisha Pessl, and it was a fantastic novel with which to start the year - a good fall/winter read. I read Special Topics in Calamity Physics last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed that novel, too, but this is a much different type of mystery.

Without further ado, read this if:
  • You are looking for a unique and compelling page-turner with intellect and some depth. 
  • You enjoy novels in which a city, here, New York, is a major character. 
  • You are looking for a read that matches the weather, and you live where it is winter now, and winter where you are is cold and grey or brown. 
  • You are a fan of quirky characters and caricatures and intricate plot lines. 
  • You've had Prufrock whispering in the back of your head somewhere since that fateful day in high school.
  • Sometimes your theme song is "A Night Like This" by The Cure. 
Pass on this for now if: 
  • You are looking for a slow-paced saga about quilting. 
  • You can't read yet another story centering on a stunningly beautiful genius misunderstood girl because without the whole beauty thing no one would give a damn. In fact, most of the women with multiple appearances are apparently drop dead gorgeous. Except the ones that are cartoonishly ugly. There really is no in-between. 
  • You can't help but think New York needs to get over itself already. Or the people that live there need to stop acting as if it's a badge of honor to 'survive' New York. It's a city. It's 'survivable.' People come and go. Talking of Michelangelo. 
  • You would just die if the smartphone app doesn't work seamlessly. 
  • You need everything wrapped up and tied neatly with a bow at the end. 
  • Your current theme song is "Walking on Sunshine."
Despite my few misgivings, I would completely recommend reading this novel as soon as you have the chance. It might even make a good book club read, honestly. There is plenty of fodder for discussion. 
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