Monday, October 28, 2013

My Education by Susan Choi: Read This If

My Education by Susan Choi was my favorite read this summer, and possibly one of my favorites for the year so far...

...And I started writing this in AUGUST so it was still going to be summer when I posted this, but now it's nearly WINTER (WHAT? WHAT?) and I thus prove my bum-ness in book blogging in 2013. Apologies.  Between the co-conspirator's workaholicness and my semipromotion that involves a whole lot more talking to people (sucking out all my introverted energy reserves) and the needy critter posse at the home, I just haven't had the time & inclination simultaneously.

Still, despite the dropping temperatures, you should pick up this book. Probably. Well:

Get thee to a book store or library and pick up a copy to read if:
  • You can relate to the passion of young, obsessive love but have attained enough distance from it that gives you maturity and clarity.
  • You don't mind (or possibly are looking for) a little sexiness in your literature, but in a well-written, non gray-shaded sort of way.
  • You're looking for some smart, mostly likable but tragically flawed intellectual characters to befriend in your imagination.
  • You find yourself nostalgic for your university days & want to relive a little of your experience without the hardship, or you want to feel better about not totally destroying your life while you were at it.
  • You just want to read something contemporary, frank and smart, pre-social networking.
Perhaps avoid this one if: 
  • You are looking for a high-stakes espionage thriller. This is not that.
  • Gay marriage makes you queasy. Which likely means gay makes you queasy. Which probably also means
  • You're really prudish, or maybe you're trying to maintain your prudish image despite the fact that you're actually human. 
  • You prefer your plots like some people prefer their whiskey: neat and to the point.
  • You hate intellectuals.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an ebook copy to review, though I enjoyed it so much I did go out and buy it. Because I have a book-owning sickness. 
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