Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Burning Air by Erin Kelly: Read This If

Hello, dear readers, it's been some weeks since my last post. I finished The Burning Air by Erin Kelly some weeks ago, and just haven't been able to disseminate my thoughts on the novel adequately. The novel certainly builds suspense with a slow, steadily growing heat. It grows on the reader in the same way - what seems like a reluctant, meandering plot jumps into focus after a change in perspective. The characters are all normal, average English people who happen to cross paths with a boy who anything but normal or average, and who refuses to accept his shortcomings.

This is not a formulaic story arch. The MacBrides, the central family in the story, are actually the flattest characters of the bunch - it's the villains of the story that have a fair amount of life to them, to the point that you might find yourself rooting both for and against the main scoundrel at the same time - though in the end, you will definitely pick a side. His revenge plotting is so all-consuming that he cannot see anything beyond its realization. That alone lends the novel its most disturbing quality.

The Burning Air was a different sort of thriller for me - its pacing was much slower than the Tana French novels I managed to fly through in the earlier part of this year. It's a gradual build, but its psychological mind games and its haunting, creepy atmosphere is sure to stick with you long after you fini

You should pick up The Burning Air if:
  • You like seeing your story from the perspective of the villain. 
  • You crave psychological suspense in your novels. 
  • Your life has just seemed too sunny and happy lately, and you need some creepiness to shake it up. 
  • You can't get the song Private Eyes out of your head. (Ha! NOW you can't! You're welcome.)
You should skip this if: 
  • You just had a child and might be suffering from post partum depression. You're probably not reading much at all if that's the case, so I'm not too worried.
  • You are prone to anxiety and paranoia and already find most people creepy. This will just feed al
  • You are in the market for a light read akin to Bridget Jones Diary (I'd suggest Wife 22 or Domestic Violets to satisfy such a mood). 
  • You're looking for a more traditional fast-paced mystery.
*I received this book from the Penguin Viking in exchange for my honest review.
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