Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver: Impressions

Kingsolver's Flight Behavior takes place in fictional Feathertown, TN, a rural community in Appalachia. The Monarch butterfly community mysteriously roosts in the woods on Dellarobia Turnbow's family's property, instead of the mountains in Mexico as usual. Kingsolver explores the clash of conservative rural beliefs and struggles with the undeniability of climate change, but not in a boring, preachy Ayn Rand sort of way. I enjoyed Poisonwood Bible earlier this year, and was eager to read Flight Behavior - it did not disappoint (well, except for the terrifying, looming consequences of climate change, that is).

It was an eerie read, especially after this past year (these past years) of noticeably strange weather, early springs, late falls, too much rain, not enough rain, strengthening storms and mounting destruction from natural disasters. But it's also a human read, somehow explaining the position of the "non-believers" in a way that almost makes sense.

And so, might you want to read this? I would say yes, though with caveats, because not every book will be the tea-filled cup you're looking for.

Read this if:
  • You adore poetic prose.
  • You don't mind literature with an agenda.
  • You are worried about climate change.
  • You aren't worried about climate change.
  • Your favorite song is "It's the End of the World as We Know It."
Don't read this if:
  • You are lepidopterophobic.
  • You think "science" and "science fiction" are synonymous.
  • You do mind literature with an agenda.
  • You are looking for a romantic comedy.
  • Your favorite song is "Don't Worry Be Happy."
*I received this book courtesy of HarperCollins and TLC Book Tours. See what others thought here.

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