Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a bookish ennui


Most of us occasionally talk about our reading slumps, and how we trick ourselves out of them, but I'm suffering a different sort of book malaise: a writing-about-books-I've-read ennui. I haven't managed to write one impression of a book this year, though I've read almost six. What gives? I've enjoyed the books. I have many things to say about them. But when sitting down to actually write anything, it all goes away, and everything comes out canned and punchless and bleh. Then I give up and go read something else, or watch Sherlock or Doctor Who or something. And am left with a sadly neglected blog.

I plan to snap out of it soon, one day waking up inspired, blog-writing rendered de-chore-ified. But, in the mean time, any useful or humorous advice or tricks would be much appreciated.  Beyond the normal sit-yourself-down-and-just-write run of the mill writer's block advice. Commiseration welcome!
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