Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to life back to reality

Last week, that was my view. Oregon coast. November. 2011.

8 days ago, the Co-conspirator, aka The Wombat, and I, well, we got crazy and made this whole life partnership thing all official-like. The ceremony was ten minutes. The judge called me Christine (but corrected himself later), we forgot to take out the jokey "ridiculously good-looking" couple bit we were zoolandering with and so it stayed in the vows, and suddenly it was the end of the world as we knew it. No really. That was the last song of the evening, and it seemed to directly follow the ceremony. It really did fast forward straight from the vows the the last song. Suddenly, it was all over. Everyone tells you that's what will happen, but honestly, you really will miss your own wedding due to some sort of mysterious time warp reserved only for those silly enough to get married and invite people to watch the spectacle.

We were honored and giddy that so many of our wonderful friends and family worked hard to show up from all corners of the country to make the event as lovely and warm as it was. Seriously, it was great to see so many of our favorite people together all in the same place.

We then went on a mini-trip to the Oregon coast, via Portlandia, to the same inn where we reconnected exactly 4 years ago. Yeah, we're those kooky people, apparently. Our jackets still smell like smokey fireplaces and sea air. We're back, though, and The Wombat is already working in Texas on some ridiculous show, and I have to go back to work in 9 short hours. Do you think I can call in married? How about dead? Probably not.

So far, marriage feels exactly the same as being together before marriage... but subtly better. Like a tweak to the background that you can't quite pinpoint, or a slight vivification of the color, or an upgraded operating system in which things are pretty much the same but just work more smoothly, or some other geeky analogy that escapes me at this late hour. Hopefully, this lasts a little while.

Anyway, I'm mostly back, hopefully, with more regularity, now that I don't have a goofy wedding to think about. What's funny, I started reading Infinite Jest again on the plane out, and of course, I happened to be on November 5-6, Y.D.A.U., which I found to be a weird coincidence. For those wondering, it was the hilarious conversation between Orin and Hal about toenails, Himself and, well, the microwave. So. You know. Totally fitting for newlyweds.

Ok! Off to read and sleep and stuff. I leave you with some highlights. See you around the interwebs.


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