Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On my Obsession with Timelines

Time Spiral by gadl
I have what some might call an obsession with knowing when in time things took place, as I've mentioned once or twice. This applies in reading and in stories people tell me. I'm fine with stories told in non-linear fashion, as long as the timeline works and I can place where in it I am. It drives the coconspirator a little mad, sometimes, since when he tells stories I constantly ask him when something happened. I think it's important in placing events and experiences in the necessary context, knowing what happened before and what after, what might have caused what or what influenced what, what might not have happened but for another thing preceding it, etc. I suppose I'm always trying to place things in a larger context in one way or another in order to fully understand their significance. Timelines are essential in stories.

Am I the only one? Does anyone else share this strange issue? What are some of your issues with stories and story-telling?

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